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  • About Faculty

    The Faculty of Health Sciences supports academic teaching and scientific research through a variety of allied health-related programs. The roots of the Faculty date back since 1996, when it was founded and placed under the Faculty of Applied Sciences.  Diploma courses in Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technology, Medical Imaging, Environmental Health, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Pharmacy were offered during this period of time.  The separation of the pharmacy program and the inception of the Medicine Degree course at UiTM led to the restructuring of the Faculty. In 2002, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Health Sciences agreed to merge, though this union was short-lived.  New age for the Faculty of Health Sciences began in 2004,  when it was re-established as a single institution and to date, continues to offer one of the most comprehensive health sciences program in the country.


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  • Research & Development

    The Faculty of Health Sciences is a  leader in health sciences research across the spectrum of health, disability, functioning and rehabilitation. In line with Government priorities for 'promoting and maintaining good health', we are committed to preventative health and to improving quality of life of individuals and families who experience impairment, injury, illness, chronic health conditions or disability   [ More info about Research & Development ]


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Siti Nazrina Camalxaman

Phone 03-32584428
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website http://www.fsk.uitm.edu.my
Position Lecturer
Education Background
  • MSc Biomedical Science (University of Portsmouth, UK)
  • BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science (University of Portsmouth, UK)
Current Academic Responsibilities Resourse Person:
  • Genetics
  • Microbiology 
  • Virology
Research Interest and Projects (Current)  
Major Recent Publications
    1. Adila, N.I., Roslina, S., Azlin S.R., Emida, M. and Camalxaman, S.N. (2013). The application of invAlamB and toxR genes in screening bacterial contaminants in Anadara granosa.  In: 20thMSMBB Scientific Meeting. 26-27 June 2013, UM. pp.72.
    2. Camalxaman, S.N., Ernie, S.R.,Nur-Sabariah, A., Maryam, Z., Maimunah, M. and Norhisham, H. (2013). Simultaneous screening of microbial isolates in Perna viridis, Anadara granosa and Phoelis orientalis in West Coast Malaysia. In: IEEE Symposium on Humanities, Science and Engineering Research (SHUSER), Penang 23-25 June 2013. pp.56.
    3. Camalxaman, S.N., Zuhaida, Z., Zulkhairi, A., Maimunah, M., Emida, E. and Azlin, S.R. (2013). In vitro antimicrobial activity of Vigna radiata (L) wilzeck extracts against gram negative enteric bacteria. World Applied Sciences Journal 21(10):1490-149.
    4. Camalxaman, S.N., Zeenathul, N.A., Quah, Y.W., Loh, H.S., Zuridah, H., Hani, H., Sheikh-Omar, A.R. and Mohd-Azmi, M.L. (2013). Establishment of rat brain endothelial cells susceptible to rat cytomegalovirusALL-03 infection. In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Animal 49(3):238-244.
    5. Camalxaman, S.N., Zeenathul, N.A., Quah, Y.W., Zuridah, H. and Loh, H.S. (2012). New estimates of CMV seroprevalence in Malaysia. Where do we go from here? Medical Journal Malaysia 67(2):231.
    6. Camalxaman, S.N., Zeenathul, N.A., Quah, Y.W., Loh, H.S., Zuridah, H., Hani, H., Sheikh-Omar, A.R. and Mohd-Azmi, M.L. (2011).The relevance of viral culture based methods for the detection of rat cytomegalovirus ALL-03 (RCMV ALL-03) in the modern era of technology. Jurnal Veterinar Malaysia 23 (2):
    7. Camalxaman, S.N., Zeenathul, N.A., Quah, Y.W., Loh, H.S., Zuridah, H., Sheikh-Omar, A.R. and Mohd-Azmi, M.L. (2011). Cross-reactivity of Malaysian rat cytomegalovirus strains with its human counterpart. Tropical Biomedicine 28(3): 661-667.
    8. Homayoun, H., Zeenathul, N.A., Tengku-Azmi, T.A., Abas-Mazni, O., Kazhal, S., Camalxaman, S.N., and Mohd-Azmi, M.L. (2011). Caprine pancreatic islets xenotransplantaion into diabetic balb/c mice: A new challenge in diabetic xenotransplantation research.Xenotransplantation 18(5):290-291.
    9. Zeenathul N.A., Chan, P.S., Loh, H.S., Lu, S.C., Nazrina, C., Noraini, A.S., Chiew, L.S., Tan, S.S., Tan, C.G. and Mohd-Azmi M.L. (2008). Cytomegalovirus infection in wild rat. 2008. In: 20thVeterinary Association Malaysia Scientific Congress, Equatorial HotelBangi –Putrajaya, Malaysia; August 15-17. pp58.
    10. Zeenathul N.A., Chiew L.S., Aini, I., Tan, C.C., Chan, P.S., Nazrina, C.,  Noraini, A.S., Loh, H.S., Tan, S.S., Tan, C.G. and Mohd-Azmi M.L. (2008). Cytopathic features in rat-tissue inoculated cell culture. In: Proceedingsof the 20thVeterinary Association Malaysia Scientific Congress, Equatorial HotelBangi –Putrajaya, Malaysia; August 15-17. pp79.
Involvement in Professional Organizations
Area of Interest
  • Emerging/re-emerging bacterial and viral pathogens
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