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The Medical Imaging Department (MID) at MARA University of Technology, Malaysia stands at the pinnacle of healthcare academic and profession in Malaysia and abroad. It was established in 1996 where it was put under Faculty of Applied Sciences and then, in December 2002, the department was put under the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Eventually, in 15th March 2004, the department was officially put under the Faculty of Health Sciences as to better reflect its emphasis on scientific investigation of a wide range of medical imaging fields.

The academic program of MID has been designed to provide an educational environment that underpins, encourages and guides students to achieve the practice and personal skills necessary to work as a member of the medical imaging services and the health care team. It combines close patient contact and good communication skills, along with the use of technology to maximize the results of patients and provide high quality patient care.

The MID is being accredited and recognized by the Malaysian Public Service Department (JPA) and Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA), Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). The MID is also being recognized by the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH). Qualifications gained from the MID are recognized worldwide and our graduates work throughout Malaysia and internationally. The graduates from MID can also further studies at overseas, hence opening up avenues for other overseas postgraduate education. Recently, the degree program is being awarded and accredited by the Society and College of Radiographers, UK (SoR).

Staff and students of the MID are very active in a range of research projects in the fields of medical imaging and radiation. Visit the Medical Imaging Yahoo Groups or MID sites to find out more about research and discussions in these areas.

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