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Medical Laboratory Technology are health care professionals that contribute to the diagnosis and monitoring of disease by providing laboratory services. The Medical Laboratory Technology program is therefore designed to prepare students with the academic knowledge and technical skills to cater for such demands. The program provides theoretical and practical education in laboratory medicine coupled with hands-on training at hospital laboratories. Students are expected to perform laboratory analyses on various samples and will be specifically trained in major disciplines of medical laboratory technology namely clinical chemistry; the study of body functions, clinical microbiology; the study of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites), haematology; the study of blood and its disorders, transfusion medicine; the study of blood components and transfusion practices, histology; the study of body tissues and cytology; the study of cells. In addition, students will also be exposed to advance laboratory techniques that are growing in importance both in the clinical and research settings. Graduates will be awarded with a degree in Medical Laboratory Technology upon completion of the academic and clinical requirements.

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