Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL C) sharing session was conducted at Dewan Seminar Aras 8 FSK on 3rd of February 2017 by the invited speaker from Faculty of Music UiTM, Associate Professor Dr Ghaziah Ghazali. The program was organised by Leadership, Training and Innovation in Health Sciences Education (LaTIH) commitee to all academics in the faculty.  APEL C is an alternative avenue for the matured students to continue their study and have some credit transfer using their working experience in the relevant field or discipline. This exercise would be in line with the aspiration of flexible education being highlighted by the government and offer a platform for everyone to achieve higher academic qualification utilizing working experience and part of their learning process.


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Viva voce for Nurul Shairah bt Ahmad Shahrifun, student of Prof Madya Dr Hazilia Hussein from Environmental Health FSK for her Masters degree was held today at BMU3 Tg 17 FSK6. She passed with minor corrections. The title of her thesis is 'Assesment of reusability of dry and wet Fenton sludge in treating palm oil mill secondary effluent and toxicity test on Cyprinus carpio Linnaaeus.' The external examiner was Dr Praveena from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences UPM and the internal examiner was Dr Shantakumari from Environmental Health, FSK.
The session was chaired by Prof Madya Rodziah Ismail from EVH.

Congratulations to Prof Emeritus Norhani Mohidin who received the inaugural Ministry of Health National Optometry Award 2016 in conjunction with the 2nd Ophthalmology-Optometry Conference on 24 September 2016 held at Nexus@Connexion  Bangsar recently. The award was presented by Puan Noor Zahiran Husain, the Head of Optometry Profession, MOH. 

The award is to highlight the contributions made by members of the optometry fraternity to the development and improvement of optometry services in the country. Prof Norhani is recognized as a pioneer educationalist in the field of optometry.