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Safiah binti Md Yusof (Assoc Prof Datin Dr)

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Position Associate Professor
Education Background
  1. B.Sc (Honours) Physiology, University of Manchester, UK, 1976
  2. Master of Community Health (Nutrition) , University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, 1981
  3. Ph.D in Nutrition, University of Southampton, UK, 2000
Current Academic Responsibilities
  1. Coordinator for Nutrition and Dietetics Program
  2. Jawatankuasa Pengurusan Fakulti/ Faculty Management Committee
  3. Jawatankuasa Akademik Fakulti / Faculty Academic Committee
  4. Jawatankuasa Kajisemula Fakulti / Faculty Review Committee
  5. Jawatankuasa Pascasiswazah Fakulti / Faculty Postgraduate Committee
  6. Jawatankuasa Penyelidikan dan Jaringan Industri Fakulti. / Faculty International Linkages and Research Committee
  7. Ahli Jawatankuasa MoU Fakulti. / Faculty MoU Committee
  8. Ahli Jawatankuasa Kurikulum Fakulti. / Faculty Curriculum Committee.
  9. Resource Person:
  • NAD456 (Principles of Food Preparation)
  • NAD602 (Health Care Management)
  • NAD653 (Industrial Placement)
Research Interest and Projects (Current)
  1. Effects of Media Education on Television Food Advertising (2012-2014)
  2. Social Construction of Body Image and Weight Management Among Overweight and Obese Adolescents in Klang Valley (2012-2014)
Major Recent Publications
  1. Abdul Razak Zalma, Md. Yusof Safiah, Danis Ajau and Md. Isa Khairil Anuar (2013). Reliability and validity of television food advertising questionnaire in Malaysia. Health Promotion International 2013; doi: 10.1093/heapro/dat072l
  2. Sharifah Nur Umairah, Binti Tuan Yahya, Madya Datin & Safiah Md. Yusof."Relationship between Dietery Pattern and Body Mass Index Among primary School children". (2012).Asian Journal of Clinical Nutrition. vol. 4(4): 142-150
  3. Poh BK, Safiah MY, Tahir A, Siti Haslinda MD, Siti Norazlin N, Norimah AK, Wan Manan WM, Mirnalini K, Zalilah MS, Azmi MY & Fatimah S (2010). Physical Activity Pattern and Energy Expenditure of Malaysian Adults: Findings from the Malaysian Adult Nutrition Survey (MANS). Mal J Nutr 16(1): 13-37.
  4. Wan Abdul Manan WM, Nur Firdaus I, Safiah MY,   Siti Haslinda MD, Poh BK, Norimah AK, Azmi MY, Tahir A, Mirnalini K, Zalilah MS, Fatimah S, Siti Norazlin MN, Fasiah W (2012). Meal patterns of Malaysian Adults: Findings from the Malaysian Adult Nutrition Survey (MANS). Mal J Nutr  18(2): 221-230.
Involvement in Professional Organizations
  1. Nutrition Society Malaysia (Council Member)
  2. Malaysian Society for the Study on Obesity (Member)
  3. Member of the National Coordinating Committee for Food and Nutrition (NCCFN) Ministry of Health Malaysia. 1994 - present (Member)
  4. Member of the Technical Working Group (TWG) for Research, Ministry of Health Malaysia, 1997 - present (Member)
  5. Member of the Working Group for Dietary Guidelines for Pregnant and Lactating Women, Ministry of Health Malaysia, 2012 - present (Member)
Area of Interest
  1. Nutrition Epidemiology
  2. Physical Activity
  3. Nutrition in Pregnancy
  4. Prevention of Obesity in School Children
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